Jumbo Misty Unicorn


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The sparkly rainbow-horned Jumbo Misty Unicorn will add a dash of magical wonder to any child’s life! Extra-soft and squishy plush and fill make this unicorn perfect for petting and hugging. Durably made from top-quality materials, it will last through years of cuddles. The silky bright white and purple unicorn sits up proudly with legs outstretched—it’s approximately 26 inches from its belly to the tip of its horn, and about 42 inches from nose to the end of its outstretched tail. With shiny rainbow-glittery hooves and horn, silky purple eyelashes, mane, and tail, and a sweet expression, Misty is ideal for kids’ rooms, from nurseries to college dorms!

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Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 10.25 × 27 in


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